Most Profitable Trees for Timber and Nut Production

Whether you have large tracts of land or a few fallow acres that you want to put in timber plantation or nut producing orchard, selecting the proper trees will be the biggest decision you will make on the project. So, which of the best and profitable trees do you want to grow for your plantation?

  • GSP Black Walnut trees - our GSP Black Walnuts are grown from seed from Purdue #1 trees in quart size pots. This tree variety is faster and straighter growing than the common black walnut tree with harvest maturity typically in th 30 to 35 year range with nut production beginning in the 8 to 10 year range.
  • GSP Celestial Chestnut trees - our GSP Chestnuts are grown from seed from the best of the best over several generations of orchard production. These amazing trees are not only faster growing but begins bearing fruit (nuts) in 3 to 5 years.
  • Oak trees - call for sizes and pricing
  • Sourwood tree - used for honey production
  • Birch - used for firewood plantations

In preparing for your plantation, be sure to contact your Soil Conservation Service for assistance and to obtain soil samples specifically for the type of plantation you will be planting. Being specific on the trees you will be growing will allow the lab to suggest amendments for your soil. 

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