Kids Garden Project - Build a Basic Scare-Crow

Now, we are not talking about a cutesy indoors scarecrow, but one that can live in the garden all summer for protection from crows (do these really work?) or for ornamental value. Remember this is your kid's scarecrow, it needn't be perfect. The more the kid(s) do, the cuter it will be.


  • old pants or bibed overalls
  • long sturdy stick or fence stake
  • shorter sturdy stick
  • twine
  • hat
  • something to be the head--we used brownish plastic grocery bags wadded up and stuck in another bag. This way we could make the head the size we want it.
  • newspaper
  • permanent markers

To start, find a sturdy stick, pipe, or metal fence stake of the height (plus 2 feet) you want your scarecrow. We used a metal fence stake as we had a few around.

Next tie on another sturdy stick to be the arms. Tie these together to look like a cross. Wrap the twine around in a figure 8 around the cross bar. It may be helpful to put the shirt on before tieing these together, if it a smaller sized one.

After the sticks are tied together firmly, dress your scarecrow in cast off clothing. If using pants instead of bibs, use twine to make suspenders for the pants so they'll stay on better. Once the clothes are on, use twine to tie sleeves and pant legs shut and stuff the scarecrow with crumpled newspaper. This gives him/her some substance.

Next tie the head you've fashioned. It may be a ball in a bag, a bag stuffed with bags (such as we did), a plastic pumpkin head, whatever. Find a way to attach it to the scare crow. I just put the bag on upside down over the top of the stake. Then I used the bag handles to tie it to the cross bar. Once it's tied on you can add your hat. Hot glue may work (or maybe the low temp hot glue?). As we used Jimmy's old cowboy hat, we were able to use the strings from it to tie it under and around the "neck" of the scarecrow. It has held secure all summer.

Finally, use the markers to make a face for your scarecrow. You can add an old wig too, if you find one. Have fun with your project!