Protect Musa Basjoo Banana Plants Over Winter

Hardy Banana Plants require protection in colder climates which can be zones 5 through 8 where they are grown for summer interest but are not hardy. Concerned about how to care for your Musa Basjoo or Cold Hardy Banana plants for winter weather? 

Protect Musa Basjoo banana plants over winter and early spring frosts. The Cold Hardy Musa basjoo Plant, also known as the Japanese Fiber Banana, is a hardy evergreen in zones 9 to 10, but those of us who enjoy it in our gardens over summer need to protect our plants so they grow back next year. Once temperatures drop to below 32 degrees, cut off plant die back and mulch heavily for winter  protection in the ground. 

In planting zones 5 through 8, banana plants die back to the ground over winter. When temperatures cool below 50 degrees, a banana plant will typically stop growing. As temperatures dip below 40 degrees, leaves begin to die and the plant is ready to be cut back to about 2 feet tall. Once the leaves begin to show die back, cut the stems back to 2 feet above ground and wrap stems with thick burlap, bubble wrap or fleece. Apply 6 to 10 inches of shredded bark mulch on the ground around the stems to protect the roots over winter. 

For extra protection, secure chicken wire cage around the stemmed area. Fill with straw or leaves to cover the stems.

Container growing musa basjoo can be taken indoors for the winter months.

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