Planting and Growing Plants During Hot Weather

Learn how to plant and grow plants during hot weather. During high temperatures, remember that plants become stressed during shipping. Follow our tips for planting plants in hot weather to help ease the transition and give them a great start.

  • Open the box immediately 
  • Remove plants from box
  • Unwrap plastic from potted plants 
  • Set them in a shaded protected area and water in 
  • Allow potted plants to sit and stretch for a day or two (especially if you are planting them in sun) 

Bare root plants can be planted right away in their permanent spots. Water well to saturate the soil when planting. With triple digit temps, the soil may dry out quickly. For the first few weeks it may be necessary to water every evening or every other evening. If in doubt, dig down into the soil (about 4 inches away from the plant and down about 4 to 6 inches). If it is moist, the plant is fine. If it is dry, the plant needs water. Once the plants have established and are stable, go longer periods between waterings.