Hydrangea Shrub Pruning Chart


Wanting to know when to prune your hydrangea shrubs? Well...some hydrangeas are pruned in summer. Others in winter or early spring. You will need to know the type of hydrangea you have planted to check against our chart for pruning hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Pruning Chart! 

 Nikko Blue and other Macrophyllas:

Prune these varieties in summer right after blooming but before August. By August, they may have already set their buds for blooming the following year much like azaleas and rhododendrons. They bloom on the old wood, which means the new growth produced after they have completed their blooming cycle is what will produce blooms next year.

Limelight, Pee Gee and other Paniculatas:

These hydrangeas bloom during mid to late summer and can be pruned during fall and winter or early spring as the bloom on new wood.

Oakleaf hydrangeas:

Prune Oakleaf hydrangeas back to about 2 to 3 feet tall. This variety blooms on new wood and can be pruned back during early fall or in winter. In the north, it may even die back to the ground each year producing all new growth each spring.