Fall Pruning Tips

Fall pruning for trees and shrubs has been the most common topic on emails this week and you may have concerns, too. So, here are some pruning basics to remember:

  • Pruning stimulates growth (fall pruning of trees and shrubs invites insects and disease when there isn’t time to harden off for winter weather)
  • Prune spring flowering trees and shrubs after they bloom
  • Prune evergreen trees and shrubs late winter to early spring with light pruning possible in early summer
  • Prune most trees and shrubs in late winter to early spring during cool, dry weather
  • Prune to remove dead, broken, diseased branches and to shape plants
  • In shaping plants, look to increase sunlight and air circulation within the structure of each plant
  • Don't cut flush with the trunk - leave a slight nub or bump which will be a smaller cut
  • Warm climates (zones 8 to 10) should prune in January to February when temps are still a little cool
  • Fruiting trees and shrubs should be pruned and thinned in mid to late winter to prevent disease and insect damage