9 Best Winter Plants For Every Yard

The well rounded landscape provides interest for each of the four seasons. With most plants blooming in spring and summer and fall foliage, it's easy to include those within the yard or landscape. But...when it comes to winter interest, the selection isn't quite as large. 

In selecting plants for our list 9 of the best winter plants for every and any yard, we looked at many different factors such as branching structure, foliage, buds, blooms, berries and bark color.

  1. Hellebores - These evergreen perennials perform best in part to full shade. New flushes of growth begin in late fall into early winter with lovely blooms over late winter to early spring. 
  2. Witch Hazel - This winter flowering shrub is also native to eastern North America. Use in herbal and medicial products.
  3. Vinca minor - An evergreen groundcover that keeps its dense, semi-glossy foliage throughout the winter months. Great for large open areas, hillsides for erosion control, as well as ground coverage in landscape settings.
  4. River Birch - A fast growing tree that exhibits beautiful peeling bark that is quite noticeable during the winter months. 
  5. Nandina Domestica - Also, called Heavenly Bamboo, this Nandina shrub is a great winter beauty with brilliant red clumps of berries that drap over its evergreen foliage. 
  6. Rosa Rugosa - A shrub rose that is often grown for its rose hips that show over the winter months. Perfect for shrub hedges.
  7. Fragrant Honeysuckle - This shrub honeysuckle is often referred to as Winter Honeysuckle rightfully as in late winter to early spring, little white ever-so-fragrant flowers appear before its foliage.
  8. Red Twig Dogwood - This shrub dogwood is called red twig because of the colorful red barked branching.
  9. Winterberry - Winterberry is a deciduous holly shrub. With a male and female shrubs, there will be branches full of brilliantly red berries which are commonly used in holiday arrangements.

Plant several of these in your garden or yard settings to enjoy over the winter months in years to come.

Bird eating berries and rose hips in winter