6 Best Vines To Grow On Fences

When you're deciding to cover your chain link or other wire fences, look no further than these 6 beauties. These vines are the best for growing on fences, trellises, and lattice panels for privacy.

Each is a fast growing perennial vine and all, except the evergreen ivy, provide gorgeous summer flowers that will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

1. Lonicera Serotina (known as Late Dutch Honeysuckle Vine) - this honeysuckle is not as aggressive growing as others.

2. Madame Galen Trumpet Creeper - bright coral-red trumpet shaped flowers.

3. Bignonia Tangerine Beauty - (commonly called Crossvine) - Pretty tangerine trumpet-shaped flowers. Semi-evergreen to evergreen vine.

4. Gelsemium rankinii - (known as Swamp Jessamine) -  2 blooming periods over spring and summer produce showy yellow flowers.

5. Baltic Ivy - Leaves are smaller than English Ivy but more interesting with white veins.

6. Major Wheeler Honeysuckle - Red tubular flowers summer to fall. Native to US.

As you will be planting these at the bottom/base of the fencing, they will need direction as they grow. Once any new growth is long enough to attach to the fence, secure it with twist ties or old fabric cut into narrow strips. Spacing is good at every 2 or so feet.

Plant ivy for year round coverage or one of the deciduous vines that will bloom and bring winged friends to enjoy over the summer months.

Flowering vines on fence