13 Ways to Help Keep Snakes Away From Your House

It Is Baby Snake Season!

I'll am the first to admit that I don't like snakes. Several years ago, a few days after the water department sent 3 guys to our house to change out the pressure reducer, days later we found a rather large black snake in the house. We finally determined that the guys left the basement door opened while they were working, and it came in to enjoy the cool basement.

Sunday before last, it happened again! Steve had gone into town to pick up our grocery order, so I was home...alone. Walking to my closet through the bathroom, nothing was out of the ordinary. But, as I came back out into the bathroom again something caught in my peripheral vision in the doorway.

Not wearing my glasses, from where I was it looked like one of those large centipedes (we do live in the woods after all). As I stepped closer to it, what I saw was a teeny baby snake coiled up hissing at me. He was smaller than my fist, but scary nonetheless.

After I let out a squeak of a scream, I started thinking...what do I use to corral this little guy so he doesn't get lost in the house where we can't find him. I wasn't going to walk past him or jump over him. Silly accidents do happen. So...I pulled the trash bag from a metal trash can that I keep under my bathroom cabinet, quickly turned it upside down over the guy and put a heavy box on top so it was secured.

As Steve drove in, I met him outside and we discussed our small intruder. We checked for something to slide under the trash can, so we took the firm cover of one of his sketch pads. I slid it along the floor underneath the trash can and then slid a thin paint board under that.

At that point, Steve asked how we were going to get it outside. And, my reply to him was HE was going to pick the trash can up with the paint board. He did and we released it on the other side of the driveway. It wriggled away. It was dark, almost black, so....guessing a black snake of some sorts.

A couple days before the electrician and his guys were adding a couple of outlets inside. The front door opened and closed so many times. I thought it may have been from that as the front door is at ground level.

It could be possible that it came in with their equipment. When repair people arrive, they generally set equipment bags and boxes on the ground, so the little guy could have been traveling with them before they even arrived at our house.

August through mid-October is baby snake season in most of the US. Some snakes are hatching during this time, while others such as rattlesnakes and copperheads give live birth.

No matter where you live (rural, suburb, city), keep alert and watch where you're stepping for the next few months. If you feel you have snakes nearby, take measures to keep your home and family safe.

Keep an eye on your door threshold areas. Don't let them 'walk' in with you.

Regularly repair people place their bags and boxes of equipment on the ground as they work. Snakes can crawl in and they can be traveling with them until they find a place they like, such as inside your house, and then crawl out. I just spoke with a pest control professional on this topic and he said that this happens quite frequently.

Also, if you see any families (or groups) of baby snakes, take action and call your local pest control service.

Here are 13 tips for keeping snakes away from your house:

  1. Spray ammonia around the perimeter of your property and nearer your house.
  2. Sprinkle epsom salt around the foundation and other areas you think they may be hanging out.
  3. Mow your yard regularly and weed-eat tall grass areas especially around house and all outdoor structures.
  4. Seal any openings or cracks in your house foundation/basement.
  5. Sprinkle cedarwood chips around the foundation and outdoor living areas.
  6. Keep firewood neatly stacked and swept.
  7. Place snake decoys around the house (just don't forget and scare yourself!).
  8. Clear away brush areas that snakes would be able to use as shelter.
  9. Sprinkle lime around the house and yard.
  10. Blend garlic with water and spray.
  11. Pour white vinegar around the edges of ponds, pools and outdoor areas.
  12. Use solar powered pest repellents. They use a combination of vibration and sound to keep snakes and rodents away.
  13. I've read in my aromatherapy books that cinnamon oil, peppermint oil and clove oil can help keep them away, too.

Epsom salts can help keep snakes away from your house