5 Best Trees for Small Gardens

When you have limited space for trees, turn to one of these 5 best trees for small gardens.  Maturing approximately 30 feet tall or less with narrow or limited canopy space, smaller trees can still provide shade and protection in small landscapes.

Kousa Dogwood

The smaller, more compact Kousa dogwood flowers in May with white flowers against deep green foliage. Growing in full sun to part shade, the Kousa provides great fall foliage along with tiny berries. Great choice small tree for planting near sunny patios and to add an oriental touch to the landscape.


Eastern Redbud

Early spring lavender to purple flowers on the interestingly shaped branches soon gives way to heart shaped leaves. The eastern redbud tree grows equally well in woodland settings as it does in full sun.


Japanese Maples

There are many Japanese maple varieties offering so many different shapes, heights and colors.  The Japanese Red Maple is one of the more popular varieties and usually readily available.


Flowering Cherry Blossom

One of the most popular spring flowering trees are is the cherry blossom. With many varieties available, the most popular flowering cherry trees are Kwanzan, Okame and Yoshino cherry trees. These are the trees that are planted in Washington, DC for Spring Cherry Festival.



Birch trees are one of the more graceful smaller trees that is at home in any garden or landscape setting. The peeling bark makes it attractive throughout the winter months.