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Wholesale Plant Nursery

Wholesale Plant Nursery

With over 30 years as a grower, broker and re-wholesaler, Greenwood Nursery provides wholesale nursery plants pricing to conservation districts, garden centers, brokers, landscapers, builders, developers, wholesale nurseries, environmental companies as well as other businesses working with the plant trade. For wholesale orders shipping within the State of Tennessee, Greenwood Nursery will need a copy of the purchasers sales tax certificate or agricultural exemption certificate to keep on file with order information.

Let us help you source plants for your latest landscape projects.

Below are our most popular wholesale plants. If you don't find the plant variety or size that you require for your project, please email us with your business information  and want list containing plant varieties, sizes, quantities and estimated delivery date. We will be happy to follow up with you. Email or call us at 1-931-668-3041.

Wholesale trees orders are generally placed in July-August for fall shipping and December-February for spring/late spring shipping. We will do our best to accommodate late season orders.

Below is only a partial listing of tree and shrub seedling plants that we supply wholesale. Please email us with your seedling want list of varieties, quantities and sizes. For large plant stock (B&B and wire basket plants), send an email with your information and the plant varieties, sizes and quantities your project requires.

Buy Lavender Wholesale

Other varieties and sizes are often available. Minimum quantities for wholesale - 500 per seedling variety. 

For vinca - 1000 plants for wholesale pricing.
*BR - Bare root
*conservation grade - 6 to 12"

Willow Stakes Live unrooted

Tree Shelters available in 12", 24", 48", 60" heights

Vinca minor (6-8 leads most popular but other sizes available) BR (per 1000)

Vinca major BR (per 1000)

Rosa Rugosa 12" plus BR

Hansens Hedge Rose 12” plus BR

Purple Wintercreeper BR

English Ivy BR

Baltic Ivy BR

Pachysandra Terminalis BR

Poplar Hybrid BR

Willow Hybrid BR

Sawtooth Oak seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Gobbler Sawtooth Oak seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Red Maple seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Burning Bush 2 year liners BR

River Birch seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Red Bud seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Northern Red Oak seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Water Oak seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Bald Cypress seedlings BR (12/18" and conservation grade)

Mixed Daylilies BR (1 to 2 fans)