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Plant trees in your landscapes. Choose from flowering trees, evergreen trees nut trees and fast growing trees, such as willow hybrids. Greenwood Nursery offers native plants like the sourwood tree. Tree seedlings available at wholesale prices.

Find the right trees for your planting needs here at the Greenwood Nursery plant center. As your one stop online nursery and garden center, you will find a wide variety of bare root Deciduous Trees, including Shade Trees and Flowering TreesEvergreen Trees and Nut Trees. Use the Greenwood Nursery Plant Finder system on the left hand side of the page to instantly narrow down your search for the perfect plants for your garden plans.

All Trees

Evergreen Trees

Fast Growing Trees

All Trees
Trees beautify your landscape. Choose from our selection of flowering trees, small trees, shade trees, evergreen trees, fast growing trees and nut trees.
Evergreen Trees
That touch of green that reminds us of summers past and new springs to come. Evergreeens can be used as specimens, in groupings, or in privacy hedges. Browse though the different shades of greens in our selections.
Fast Growing Trees
Fast growing trees are commonly used as privacy hedges and windbreaks. Choose from Thuja Green Giant, Poplar trees, hybrid willow and hybrid poplar.

Flowering Cherry Trees

Flowering Trees

GSP Black Walnut Trees

Flowering Cherry Trees
Flowering Cherry Trees bloom in early spring bringing soft pink colors reminding us that spring is on its way.
Flowering Trees
Deciduous Trees lose their leaves in autumn, but before they do they display all of the fall colors that we have come to love. It is when nature shows its true colors before winter sets in.
GSP Black Walnut Trees
When you invest in black walnut, you actually own the trees, the plantation, the land, in short, everything related to your investment.

Nut Trees

Privacy Trees

Nut Trees
Plant nut trees such as Pin Oak, Northern Red Oak or Sawtooth Oak for wildlife food plots or plant Hazelnut or Black Walnut Trees for a supply of nuts for years to come. Buy nut trees online.
Privacy Trees
Privacy trees that are fast growing trees for the quickest way to create a living fence or tall privacy hedge.

Many of the bare root trees available at Greenwood Nursery are:

  • native plants
  • drought tolerant plants
  • low maintenance plants
  • fast growing
  • deer resistant plants

Plant a Living Privacy Fence with one of our fast growing trees or evergreen trees. our suggestions for a natural fence are Hybrid Willows, Hybrid Poplars, Carolina Sapphire Cypress or Thuja Green Giants. Visit our Living Fence category for more plant varieties. 

When building a windbreak to protect your property, always plant fast growing trees on the outside line of the windbreak, coming inward with a row of evergreen trees followed by densely growing shrubs. The deciduous trees will grow quickly providing needed wind protection while allowing the more moderately growing evergreen trees, such as the Norway Spruce or Green Giant Arborvitae, time to fill in. 

Greenwood Nursery Online Nursery offers one of the best selections of  trees available through any online garden store. Whether you are looking for a shade tree or several hundred wholesale seedlings for reforestation projects, you're sure to find the plant varieties that you need at our plant nursery.

Greenwood Nursery is also a wholesale nursery. If you are searching for large quantities of bare root trees or flowering shrub seedlings, email us your want list including plant varieties, sizes and quantities that you require.

Looking for investment plants? We offer GSP Black Walnut Purdue #1 liners. Our next Purdue seedlings will be available for shipping Fall 2012. 

Buy Trees online at Greenwood Nursery

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Find the right tree for your house.
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Bignonia Tangerine Beauty | Crossvine
Plant the Bignonia Tangerine Beauty on your trellis or arbor for beautiful coverage. Crossvine or Trumpet Flower offers orange colorful trumpet shaped flowers

Hen and Chicks Plant
Hen and chicks plants, Sempervivum tectorum, are the perfect plant for beginning gardeners. Also, known as Hen-and-chickens, this small spreading succulent

Sweet Summer Love Clematis
Sweet Summer Love Clematis is our newest fragrant flowering vine. A long blooming clematis, the Sweet Summer Love blooms with cranberry to violet star like flowers beginning in July (for the midwest and northeast) until mid September.


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