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Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks

Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks
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Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks contain 50 packets of organic fertilizer blend of 8-4-4 and are biodegradable. Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks are the most efficient means of providing a supplemental source of nutrients to new transplants, indoor potted plants, and other ornamentals.  The placement and means of release, proprietary to RTI, has been documented in the  American Journal of Soil Science (67:300-308(2003)) to lose less than 1% of the nitrogen to the environment over two years.

Each 10 gram biodegradable packet of our Xtreme Organic Plant Feeder provides a high quality source of organic fertilizer directly to the root zone of new transplants.  Highly recommended for all your vegetable and home gardening needs especially where an effective organic fertilizer is desired and an eco-conscious lifestyle is preferred.

Use Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks to ensure healthy balanced growth throughout the season. These Feeder Paks are “once and done” meaning apply once at planting and they’ll feed nutritionally all season long. No more wasteful and environmentally harmful weekly feedings. Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks ensure nutrient top take, not runoff.  

Application Rates for Xtreme Organic Feeder Paks:  

Place Feeder Pak in planting hole then place transplant on to, backfill and water in.

For Bedding Plants use 1 feeder pak per plant.

Hanging baskets & Color Bowls use 3 paks per 16” diameter container.

Heavy Feeders such as Tomatoes and Melons plant 3 feeder paks per plant.

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