What Goes Into Making A Quality Coiled Watering Hose?

What Goes Into Making A Quality Coiled Watering Hose?
Straight from the Manufacture


Experience: Our product designers have over 15 total years of experience in coiled hose design. From calculating tubing diameters, coil ratios and tail lengths, to wall thickness, burst pressure and tensile strength, we understand it all. More importantly, we use this knowledge to carefully design and thoroughly field-test every single new product before they ever get to you. You see, our patented coiled hose systems are made to guarantee you receive nothing less than the best.

We certainly would not put a product on the market that would be anything less than what we call “engineered perfection.” Our customers deserve it.

Quality Coils; Understanding the characteristics of plastics, especially polyurethanes, is critical, especially when designing a coiled hose product to withstand the rigorous environments of a garden hose. So, too, is the ever-important material selection process.

Experience tells us that not just any Polyurethane compound should be used to make quality, long lasting coiled watering hoses. In fact, only top quality Ether-based Polyurethane is used to make a Garden Coil hose product. Why is this important? It’s because products that are made from substantially less expensive compounds made from Ester-based Polyurethanes are not designed for long-term use with water. Cracking, hydrolysis, tube-splitting and ultimately tube failure usually follow within a very short period of time, (generally ranging anywhere from as little as six to 12 months.)

Ether-based products, on the other hand, will generally last for 5-10 years or more. (This data comes from detailed lab testing results provided by independent plastic tubing manufactures and chemical compound manufactures such as Dow Chemical, BF Goodrich, Bayer and others.)

You will be happy to know that our Ether-based compounds are well suited for long-term water use. We have Garden Coil hoses in use today that are over five years old that perform the same way they did when they were brand new. In fact, they still have the same great flexibility, rebounding and lead-free qualities as when they first went in to use.

Quality Components : Equally important are the parts we design to take your coiled watering hose experience, and our product, to the next level. We start with specially machined brass parts to guarantee leak-free connections, rather than using cheaper plastic fittings which are commonly known as “cross-threading” leakers. We then install pressure sensitive nylon clamps surrounding the fittings that will never come off nor will they cut the hose as may occur with unprotected extremely sharp brass crimped on fittings. Lastly, we install high-density rubberized hose kink guards over the hose ends to eliminate any possibility of collapsing or kinking when pulled taut from the faucet.