Ways to Attract Butterflies into Your Garden

Try these ways to attract butterflies into your garden areas for summer entertainment for you and your family.

As spring warms its way into summer, we see caterpillars crawling around looking for food. Try planting Spicebush to provide plenty of food for them.

So…how can you bring butterflies into your garden?

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Butterfly on a butterfly bush bloom

Ways to attract butterflies to your yard are:

  • Keep the area protected from heavy winds
  • Limit pesticide use
  • Select fragrant, summer flowering shrubs & perennials for nectar
  • Have several plants for caterpillar food like the Spicebush
  • Have a few flat surfaces for resting such as a large flat stone
  • Provide shallow water sources

To attract your fair share of butterflies into your garden, plant shrubs and perennials that they enjoy such as buddleia (aka butterfly bushes), monarda,  coneflowers, coreopsis, yarrow, Black-eyed Susans and Russian sage.

The Butterfly Garden Package from Greenwood Nursery is a great value and contains all the plants, from caterpillar food to butterfly food, that you need for butterfly attraction!

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