Tips to Make Spring Garden Cleaning Much Easier!

Tips for easy spring garden cleaning

This is my spring garden clean up plan. Follow these easy spring garden maintenance tips and you will be enjoying your yard much more. Even after one weekend of spring garden cleaning you can have leaves raked, trees and shrubs pruned and ground ready for planting new plants. A little spring garden maintenance means less yard work in summer.

Grab some old work clothes, gloves and let's get gardening!

  • Arm yourself with a rake, weed eater or heavy shears, a tool belt, apron with pockets, basket, or pail, filled with clippers, gardening scissors, gardening gloves, old cloths, trash bags and, if available, a small garden saw.
  • Begin on one side of your property or garden and work across the yard and then clockwise around your house and other out buildings beginning with the front/main entrance. The point is to be able to go over all areas of your landscape so that you don't miss plants.
  • Tackle the larger growing plants, whether trees or shrubs.
  • Cut or saw out all branches that are dead, broken, touching or crossing.
  • If necessary, trim for shape.
  • Move onto smaller growing plants, such as ornamental grasses (which you will be cutting to the ground with either the weed eater or heavy shears), roses, evergreen herbs, perennials, ground covers, etc.
  • Pull out the annuals that were planted last year.
  • Once all plants have been pruned, shaped and otherwise cleaned up in an area, rake the clippings into the trash bag and move onto the next.

By cleaning up an area completely, if you have to stop that day before finishing, you can begin with a new area the next time and you don't have to back track. I find it easier to make sandwiches the night before to lunch on so I don't have to completely stop my gardening. This way when taking breaks, I don't lose focus on my tasks at hand.