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Tennessee Made Sorghum

Tennessee Made Sorghum
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Our 100% pure Tennessee Made Sorghum syrup contains no additives. Pure sorghum syrup is made from the juice of sorghum cane through a distilling process. The distilled product is cooled and immediately bottled. 

Sorghum syrup is commonly mistaken as molasses. Molasses is a by product of the sugar industry. Sugar cane juice is boiled down to make sugar and the syrupy remains is molasses. It is a strong dark liquid. 

Sorghum syrup has a mildly sweet flavor which goes smoothly on biscuits and toast. Sorghum is the perfect sweetener to add to baked beans, barbeque sauce, popcorn balls, pies, cakes or cookies.

Sorghum cane is grown, processed and bottled here in Tennessee.