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Vertical Garden Plants

Climbing Hydrangea

Interesting gnarly cinnamon color bark! Best in spaces with morning sun and afternoon shade!

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Japanese Maple Tamukeyama

Japanese Maple Tamukeyama's new foliage is a deep crimson-red when unfolding but soon turns to a dark-purple red. It is an excellent shade of dark red that holds until late summer with fall color a bright scarlet.

Sold Out for Spring

Thuja Green Giant

Lush, beautiful deep green, natural privacy can now be yours for the best price on the internet. Cedar Green Giant, has led them to become one of the most popular privacy trees on the market today, often seen advertised as a fast growing evergreen tree variety. 

2.5" to 0ne-Gallon potted as low as $7.29 per tree

Bobo Dwarf Hydrangea Bush

The 2 to 3 foot tall growing Bobo Hydrangea bursts into life with full white flowers that will turn pink in fall. Blooms on new wood!

Container Grown - From $32.59

Tuff Stuff Dwarf Hydrangea

The small compact shrub size of the Tuff Stuff Hydrangea is just right for small yardspatio gardenscontainer gardening and border plants. Starting in late spring as creamy white florets, these lacecap flowers mature to an intense pink, re-blooming up to frost.

Container Grown - From $32.59

Muscadine Black Beauty

Black Fruits! High Sugar Content! Requires Isons Variety to Pollinate!

Field Grown Vines - From $18.59

Muscadine Tara

Bronze Fruits! Self Fertile Plants! Cold Hardy!

Field Grown Vines - From $18.59

Muscadine Ison

Self Fertile! Deep Purple Fruits! 2 Year Old Vines!

Field Grown Vines - From $18.59

Cryptomeria japonica Radicans

Radicans Cryptomeria perfers well draining soil in full sun. Easy to grow tree. Great choice for patio or deck privacy. Fast growing hedge tree for privacy.

Gallon potted - from $27.59

Steeplechase Arborvitae

A beautiful pyramidal grower, the fast growing Steeplechase Arborvitae is a popular choice for privacy screens, evergreen hedge, and specimen tree. This Thjua is often considered a better version of the Green Giant

Gallon potted - From $28.59


Creeping Wire Vine

Excellent for Rock Gardens, Nooks & Crannies and Containers!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Banana Musa Siam Ruby

Ornamental banana plant! Create a tropical look in your garden!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Ensete Red Abyssinian

Give your patio, deck or garden a tropical look! Zones 8 to 11 - an annual in cooler areas!

Container Grown - From $38.95

Monarda Jacob Cline - Bee Balm

Red flowers is striking contrast against light green foliage! Blooms July to August!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Musa basjoo Cold Hardy Banana

Ornamental banana plant! Hardy into zone 5 with winter protection! Give your garden a tropical look!

Container Plants - From $17.59

Mojito Mint

Used to make the Authentic Cuban Mojito drink! Grow in Containers!!!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Red Creeping Thyme

Low growing semi-evergreen thyme! Fragrant!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Greek Oregano

Herb used in Italian, Spanish and Mexican dishes! Excellent for container growing!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Wooly Thyme

Low growing ground cover! Not scented! Fuzzy foliage! Plant in dry soil!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Mint Julep Mint

Popular for sauces, teas, jellies, salads and drinks! Grow in Containers!!!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Sweet Woodruff | Galium odoratum

Used in making May Wine! Grows in damp to wet soil! Grow in part to full shade!

Potted Plants - From $8.29

Huntington Carpet Rosemary

Creeping culinary herb! Plant near patios, decks and outdoor sitting areas to enjoy fragrance!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Chocolate Mint

Tastes like chocolate peppermint candy! Plant in Containers!!!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Lemon Thyme Plants

Wonderful lemon scent and flavor! Fragrant ground cover!

Potted Plants - From $7.59