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SuperTrouper™ Orange Dianthus

SuperTrouper™ Orange Dianthus
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Dianthus Super Trouper Orange -

The dianthus super trouper is a cute and fragrant plant with beautiful, bright orange flowers that bloom in summer. The flowers look like folded tissue paper carnations used for decorations on special occasions and sit atop a deep green foliage. The super trouper is loved by butterflies and remains evergreen except when the weather is extremely cold. It is a garden classic, and grows to 10-14 inches high and 10-12 inches wide. It is perfect for flower cuttings and bouquets.

SuperTrouper™ Dianthus Care

This coral dianthus is easy to maintain. It is a sun-loving plant and blooms more when more flowers are cut. It needs average evenly moist, and well drained soils if you would like them to do well. Fertilizations should be done in the early spring and light sheering of the dianthus clumping plants should be done after it has flowered. This is to give the orange dianthus a neat appearance and also to encourage a repeat bloom. When sheering, cut off the flower stems and about three quarters of the foliage. After recovering, it will look beautiful all through the winter season.

When planting this perennial, space plants 10 inches apart in the full sun. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds but is deer resistant. You can grow it as a border plant or in containers, or cut the flowers for use in bouquets.



SuperTrouper Orange Dianthus is grown in 3.5 inch pots.

Orders shipping to AZ or CA may be partially bare rooted for shipping.