Spring Garden To-Do List

We’ve broken down these spring chores into your doable Garden To-Do List

Week 1:

  • Prune trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses (Time Saver: lay a tarp underneath the plant your working on and drag it with you as you move from plant to plant – prevents having to rake up branches and twigs)

Week 2:

  • Pull out all dead plants, old bedding plants and weeds (Time Saver: pull along a large trash can to toss in all these dead plants and weeds – dump in compost, burn or throw away)

Week 3:

  • Rake garden and landscaped areas to gather up remaining parts of non-decayed leaves trapped around plants, break up the top soil, and pull up any missed dead plants (Time Saver: use a leaf rake with the long bendable tines and tarp for tidy collections)

Week 4:

  • Put a new layer of mulch down around plants and empty areas in your garden and landscape (Time Saver: the tarp will hold more mulch than a wheelbarrow and easy to drag along allowing you to transfer to the garden – if you don’t have a shovel scoop to transfer, use a small garbage can without a rimmed top to scoop up the mulch)

Week 5:

  • Order and plant new plants in your garden and landscaped areas (Time Saver: Greenwood plants are the perfect size for easy planting – smaller plants require less supplemental watering and less follow up care)

Week 6:

  • You’re ready to begin enjoying your outdoor areas and appreciate a job well done!