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Solidago Golden Baby

Solidago Golden Baby
  • Solidago Golden Baby
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Solidago Golden Baby is an upright dwarf version of goldenrod. This bushy growing perennial plant is a strong late summer to fall bloomer. The golden wildflower blooms of the Baby Solidago were bred for cut flowers in Europe. The Golden Baby is a choice plant for lawn edging, wildflower garden or mini-meadow attracting bees and butterflies. 

As with other solidago perennials, the Solidago Baby Golden is often wrongly accused of causing allergies such as hay fever. The actual cause is an allergic reaction to ragweed and other wind borne pollens that are in flower at the same time.

This perennial grows up to 24 to 26 inches tall with a spread of up to 22 inches wide. Solidago is a deer resistant perennial plant. Divide every 3 years. 


Baby Goldenrod Solidago ships in 3.5 inch pots.