Shiitake Mushroom Log Kits

Disclaimer: All images are for reference only and may not represent the sizes of plants shipped.


Enjoy fresh, delicious gourmet mushrooms year round with our Shiitake Mushroom Log Kits. It takes no more care than an indoor window herb garden. The logs are implanted with the mushroom spawn and incubated for approximately 8 to 9 months. Kids love to watch the shiitake mushrooms grow...and you'll love to eat them!

We made Shiitake Mushroom Log Kits way back in the 90's and, now after a long absence, they're back! With a rich, deep flavor, they are an excellent substitute for meat in dishes. Our favorite no meat dishes using these delicious mushrooms are shiitake stroganoff, shiitake burgers, adding to omlets, and steak, tuna or pork chop topping (finely chopped mushroom bits sauteed in butter until soft in a red wine reduction cut with a little heavy cream to further thicken - yum!). 

Here is the shiitake nutrition information on the Nutrition Data page at Self Magazine. You'll find this mushroom as one of the healthiest, with higher levels of Niacin, B6 and Manganese. It's difficult to find shiitake mushrooms fresh in the markets. But, you can grow your own with our Shiitake Mushroom Log Kits

Your shiitake log kit arrives with 2 logs complete with instructions. Logs are hand plugged into red oak. Depending on preparation cycle, logs may require a waiting time. Your log kits will produce when instructions are followed correctly. As this is a perishable, it is not refundable or returnable. 

Also available are black morel mushroom kits for outdoor planting.