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Scented Dryer Sheets

Scented Dryer Sheets
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Freshen up your laundry with our lavender scented dryer sheets. Your clothes, sheets and towels will come out with just a light scent of lavender fragrance. Toss a lavender scented dryer sheet in with your comforter or blankets for a calming experience at bedtime.


Use Lavender Dryer Sheets every time you do laundry or just to freshen stale sheets and towels. These Lavender Scented Dryer Sheets lightly scent clean laundry with a wonderful lavender fragrance. Your laundry will come out of the dryer tingling your senses ready to put the clean sheets on the bed or hang towels for the next shower or bath. The light scent then emits throughout the room providing a lovely lavender fragrance that is calming and relaxing.

Simply add two sheets to your dryer with wet clothing for gentle softening and fragrance, and also works great as a drawer or luggage freshener!