Question about privacy hedges


I would appreciate it if you could shed some of the wisdom of your field upon a novice. I would like a privacy hedge of evergreen trees. I would like it to grow fast. I just ordered Redwood Cedar 10 inch seedlings, but understand they don't grow very fast. It seems Leyland Cypress grows fast, but is expensive. I wonder, how far apart to plant them and whether they will grow. I have some similar pines that were transplanted to the same soil that have grown marginally in the past five years. Is there anything I can do to get around this? The area is populated by Hickory and Oak trees. The soil easily loses grass and becomes a white sand on the top. Did I get the wrong tree?

Thanks for you time.



Yes you may have gotten the wrong tree. Although red cedar will grow somewhat faster after it is established (about 3 to 4 years). As far as the distance between cedars they should be placed about 4 foot apart in the row. Cedar will grow about as fast as the Leyland once established. When you say your area is populated with hickory and oaks, about how close will these trees be to your new hedge? This could be a determining factor if they are too close to over shadow or sap your new trees. With the exception for having patience ( as all of us do) in watching these trees grow you seem to be doing the right thing.