Plant an Herb Garden

Plant an herb garden now and enjoy it for many years to come. Not only will you appreciate the convenience of being able to clip your own fresh herbs for your culinary delights, but just being outside near the herb area, you will drink in the wonderful aromas that are only herbs.


Tips for an herb garden:


  • Plant in full or mostly sun

  • Choose a well drained location (herbs don’t like wet feet)

  • Mix in some sand when planting (in clay soil) for better drainage

  • Place taller growing herbs in the rear as a backdrop such as lavender, rosemary and pineapple sage

  • Plant chocolate mint in a container for control

  • Mulch herbs with aged compost or aged manure mix

  • Allow soil to dry out between watering

  • When harvesting for recipes, select oldest growth first?


Best herbs for culinary: