Pawpaw Tree Asimina triloba

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Pawpaw trees are native fruit trees to the Eastern U.S., yet also grows wild through many parts of the midwest.

While the botanical name for native pawpaw is Asimina triloba, its nickname includes American Custard Apple. The yellow fruits of the Pawpaw tree is easy to grow in home gardens  and unusual in looks and flavor resembling that of tropical fruits. Pawpaw fruit is wonderfully aromatic with a clean, light fruity fragrance. Pawpaw fruit can be compared to bananas, pears and mangos. 

Best grown in full sun with wind protection, Paw paw can also fruit in some shaded areas, Slightly acid soil is recommended (pH 5.5 to 7) along with good drainage. 

Container grown Asimina triloba or Pawpaws provide the best results in transplanted growth. The first 2 years after transplanting are the most critical and attention should be given for root growth promotion. Water well and provide shade protection during harsh summer months. Pawpaw generally begins fruiting when the trees reach roughly 6 feet in height which can take approximately 5 to 7 years.

Pawpaw fruit is extremely perishable which is why it is rarely found in farmers markets or grocery stores. 

PawPaw does require a second tree that is genetically separate from the other. Our native paw paw comes from a wide selection that there should be cross pollination. For good pollination you should purchase two plants. Order more for even better fruiting. 

Grow one of the few native and deciduous​ trees that produces delicious banana/mango tasting tropical fruit in a temperate climate.

For more information on the native Pawpaw Tree or Asimina triloba, visit the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service site and read the fact sheet on Growing Pawpaws.


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