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Nellie R. Stevens Holly

Nellie R. Stevens Holly Evergreen Tree Image
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Planting Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9
Plant Type: Evergreen
Light requirements: Full Sun, Partial Sun
Soil Conditions: Moist, Well Drained
Height at Maturity: 20 - 30 ft
Growth Rate: Fast
Fruiting: Yes
Flowering: Yes
Bloom Season: Spring
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Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens', Nellie R. Stevens Holly is a rapid growing evergreen tree. The Nellie Stevens Holly is often used as a specimen tree as well as in privacy fences, making it an excellent choice for our Living Fence Plants. It's pyramidal shape requires little to no pruning. This low maintenance holly produces spiny dark green leaves that provide a striking backdrop for the round red berries

Nellie R. Stevens Holly is a female hybrid plant that is a cross between an English Holly and a Chinese Holly. It does not require a male counterpart plant to fruit, although a male Ilex x 'Edward j. Stevens' will encourage more fruiting.

Care: If shaping is necessary, pruning should be made in early summer. As with any holly, it will need regular watering especially in the first year to establish a strong root system. May require weekly watering during periods of extreme heat. Use a general fertilzer in early spring.

Matures in the 20 to 30 foot height range with a spread of 10 to 15 feet wide.

  • Fast growing evergreen tree 
  • Low maintenance evergreen
  • Requires little to no pruning
  • Excellent specimen tree
  • Privacy fencing
  • Drought & heat tolerant
  • Tolerates clay soil


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