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Pachysandra Green Sheen

Pachysandra Green Sheen
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Green Sheen Pachysandra - 

Pachysandra Green Sheen is a versatile evergreen ground cover for small shady areas. What makes this improved selection different is the tremendous glossy foliage. When you first see the Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Sheen' it almost looks plastic or fake. The Green Sheen is so impressive you think it can't be real. Once you see this Pachysandra you will never mistake it for other cultivars.

The Pachysandra Green Sheen has long been the most reliable cool-season ground cover for shade. Perfect for planting under the canopies of older trees, where little else grows. A lifesaver on the north sides of walls or north-facing slopes, and between tall multistory buildings. Pachysandra works very nicely in the front of shaded borders or as filler between larger shrubs. Dense enough to keep down weeds, it is a great solution for dark parts of the garden, where other herbaceous plants fear to tread.

Green Sheen Pachysandra is a great plant for combining with variegated plants such as Hostas. It is also good as a weed barrier when placed around any of the ornamental Hydrangeas.

It is extremely hardy, and fragrant. It is a shade lover, summer flowering and deer resistant.

Plant spacing: Plant 12 inches apart, 100 plants will cover a 100 square foot area.


Pachysandra Green Sheen is available in 2 sizes:

  • 2.5 Inch Potted Plant
  • Bare root - 1 order contains 25 plants

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses will be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.