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Ornamental Grasses

Hot Rod Switch Grass

A Clumping Switch Grass! Deep Burgundy Fall Color! Grows up to 4 Feet Tall!

From $21.59

Miscanthus sinensis Strictus Grass

Green Blades with Yellow Bands! Grows up to 10 feet tall!

From $8.59

Pennsylvania Sedge Grass

Shade Loving Native Grass!

From $12.59

Liriope Big Blue

Gorgeous Evergreen Tufted Plants!

From $17.59

Acorus Ogon Grass

Low Growing Golden Sweet Flag Grass!

From $7.59

Elijah Blue Fescue

Clumping Blue Green Fescue!

From $7.59

All Gold Japanese Forest Grass

Looks like Bamboo - but not invasive!

From $15.59

Carex Evergold Sedge

Grows in Part Shade! Evergreen Grass!

2 Sizes - From $8.59

Blue Zinger Carex

Clumping Grass! Low Maintenance! Good For Rain Gardens!

From $7.59

Dwarf Mondo Grass

Small Tufted Grass! Evergreen Grass! Slow growing up to 6 inches tall!

From $6.29

Pennisetum 'Hameln' Dwarf Grass

Dwarf Fountain Grass! Stays under 3 feet tall!

2 Sizes - From $8.59