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Organic Solutions Lawn Care Program

Organic Solutions Lawn Care Program
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Organic Solutions Lawn Care Program is your key support to create healthy organic lawns and landscapes. Want a lush, green lawn, or a beautiful landscape? Then be sure to take good care of your soil. Treat your soil right, and you’ll be rewarded amply. Let it deteriorate, and your lawn and garden won’t meet your expectations. Organic Solutions Lawn Care Program is just the answer to your lawn care problems.

Healthy soil is one of the most important aspects of organic-based landscaping and lawn care. For the past few decades, unfortunately, agribusinesses and lawn-care companies alike have emphasized the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can do great damage to the soil. Chemical fertilizers, aside from being toxic, are short-term plant boosters that leave behind salty residues in the soil. They prevent some plants from consuming necessary nutrients, and destroy beneficial microorganisms.

In recent years, though, many people have been turning to better, Earth-friendly techniques that restore the natural power of soil.

The Organic Solutions Organic Lawn Care Program 1-2-3 includes one of each:

  • Green Tek Total one gallon
  • Green Tek Soil Conditioner one quart
  • Green Tek Calcium 1lb dry powder 

Use them alone, or use all three for even better results. Keep reading to find out how these non-toxic, organic products work and how they can help you create a lush, thriving landscape.

You can use each product separately but for best results, all three can be applied at the same time. And you can apply the in the fall (before the snow) for even better results next spring!

Let’s review your One, Two Three Approach:

  1. Green Tek Total – A soil inoculant to help build a healthier soil
  2. Green Tek Soil Conditioner – Loosen and aerate the soil
  3. Green Tek Calcium – 70 important minerals available for all growing plants

What Organic Solutions 1-2-3  will do for you:

  • never have to aerate your lawn again
  • reduce or eliminate most fertilize use
  • reduce or eliminate dangerous herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide use
  • save time, money, and backbreaking work