Mycorrhizal Root Saver

Disclaimer: All images are for reference only and may not represent the sizes of plants shipped.


Mycorrhizal Root Saver from Mycor Tree is an optimized blend of mycorrhizal fungi that forms a mutually beneficial relationship with the plants' roots. Mix the mycorrhizal root saver into one gallon of water and dip in your plants root system just before planting. Mycorrhizal Root Saver acts as an extension of the root system, increasing its ability to absorb nutrients and water.

Research studies on mycorrhizal root saver have shown that this co-dependent symbiotic relationship helps trees survive stress, absorb more water and nutrients, and increase resistance to soil born diseases. Unlike trees growing in natural forests, seedlings produced in fumigated nursery beds or sterile container mixes do not contain beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. As a result, survival rates are often low, particularly in poor soils and in heat and drought conditions.

Mycor Tree's active ingredients are 100 percent organic. In addition to mycorrhizal fungi, it can also include beneficial bacteria, starter fertilizer, essential trace elements and soil conditioners. Conditions the soil and re-introduces the natural micro-organisms that nature provides to help plants grow faster, stronger and healthier. One pack - 1.5 oz - coats the roots of approximately 100 seedlings.