More Tips for Landscape Design

More tips for your landscape designs:
  • For ease, keep outdoor cooking and dining areas close to the kitchen
  • Fire pits make a great focus for a conversation area
  • Plant fragrant plants near entrances and sitting areas
  • Keep fragrant and blooming plants at a minimum near outdoor dining spots as they will attract bees and other insects
  •  Don’t forget to add height to your garden or landscape with tall growing plants, arbors, berms and fences
  • Break up large areas by creating “plant” islands
  •  In the children’s play area, add bird, butterfly and bat houses for added entertainment
  • Border areas with ornamental grasses, perennials, river rock, pea gravel, molded edging, or bricks for a more defined and clean look
  • Create pathways to move from area to area
  • Choose investment plants which are trees, shrubs and perennials that will add 3 to 4 season color and interest to your garden or landscape