Make a weatherstation

It's important to pay attention to the weather in the summer as the weather affects the growth of plants. We have different weather patterns every year, so our plants grow differently every year. It is easy to put together a few things that help keep track of the weather so that you can write it down in a notebook (your very own weather journal). It's important to keep the journal going so you can compare this year to last year or several years before. You will need:

  • outside thermometer
  • minimum/maximum thermometer (optional)
  • sturdy pinwheel
  • rain gauge
  • snow measuring stick (make your own with a yard stick mounted to a stake. The stake can secure it into the ground. Make sure the yard stick is touching the ground at 0.)
  • notebook or journal with pencil or pen attached with a string (so it doesn't get lost).

These items can be purchased inexpensively at many home supplies stores. Once you have purchased them, decide where your weather station will be. You may have to spread a few items around to have them in the ideal position. When placing the thermometers, make sure they are not in the sun. A place on the north of the house or in a shady area may be best. The pinwheel needs to be placed out in the open where the breeze or wind will blow on it. The rain gauge and the snow measuring stick also needs to be in the open for best measurement. Once everything is in place take measurements daily. Check the rain gauge each morning. Check the temperature when it is at the hotest (about 4 pm). The minimum/maximum thermometer is great for telling the highest and lowest temperature each day. Look at the pinwheel to see how strong the winds are, do they change during the day or evening? As you collect the information (or data), record it in your journal. Each day could have a piece of a page with all the information written out. Have fun with your weather station. Maybe you'll become a meteorologist.