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Lil' Ditty Dwarf Viburnum

Lil' Ditty Dwarf Viburnum
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Lil' Ditty Viburnum - Native Dwarf Viburnum - 

If you are after a landscape that remains alive through all seasons, then the Lil’ Ditty Viburnum, or dwarf viburnum, is a plant you need to have. It is a short plant with a puffball of creamy white, fragrant flowers that blooms in late spring. It is very easy to grow and perfect for foundations, mass plantings, and outer edge of water gardens. It thrives in moist, well drained soils, but is quite adaptive and will do well in wet soils too.

The viburnum cassinoides for sale is native to North America and is the only dwarf viburnums available. It is very closely related to the V. nudum, which can be used to pollinate the Lil’ ditty viburnum to produce fruit that transitions from green to pink, then red, and finally blue when ripe. The fruit will eventually turn black, but will remain on the plant, providing an early spring food for birds and small mammals. Songbirds are particularly fond of these fruits.

While it grows to a maximum height of 1-2 feet, the native viburnum will paint your garden in beautiful color and fragrance. The foliage emerges in spring as a bright green and beautifully veined and will be topped by large puffballs of creamy white, sweet-scented flowers in late spring. They are truly eye catching, long lasting, and a perfect addition to your landscape.

Lil' Ditty® Viburnum cassinoides 'SMNVCDD' USPP 27,549, Can PBRAF


Lil Ditty Viburnum is grown in quart size containers. Orders shipping to CA or AZ may be bare rooted for shipping.