Judd Viburnum

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Judd Viburnum Flowering Shrub

Spring flowering shrubs with delightfully sweet fragrance are not as common as you'd think. Viburnum x Juddii, or commonly called Judd Viburnum is what April is made of...beautiful semi-snowball clusters from pink in the bud to white that are lightly scented. Walking in the garden in April and you can tell if there is a Judd Viburnum nearby. The fragrance is undeniable and the snowball like clustered blooms are spring flowering treat. 

Plant the Viburnum Juddii in full to part sun in well draining soil but be ready to supplement watering weekly for the first growing season at least. The cluster flowers will change into black winter berries later in the summer months to early fall. Prune this flowering shrub right after flowering to remove dead or broken branches and to shape.

Pair the Judd Viburnum with colorful flowering shrubs including the Korean Spice Viburnum as well as as shrub rosesburning bushrose of sharon and lilac shrubs. Growing in the 6 to 8 foot tall and wide range, this fragrant viburnum shrub makes an excellent backdrop for other flowering shrubs. Use also as a shrub hedge, to screen out neighborsshrub border and fragrant foundation plants.


Judd Viburnum ships as a 2.5 inch potted plant. Height for late summer to fall generally runs in the 6 to 12 inches tall range with spring and summer growth taller. Orders shipping to CA and AZ addresses will be bare rooted and root washed before being prepped for shipping.

  • Category: Shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Privacy Hedge Shrubs
  • Plant Type: Deciduous
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial
  • Soil Condition: Well Drained
  • Bloom Season: Spring
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Mature Height: 6 - 10ft
  • Growth Rate: Medium-growing
  • Planting Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Quantity1 - 45 - Unlimited

Please Note: Beginning in September, many plants begin to go dormant.

Some plants may have already dropped their leaves, died back to the ground or are beginning to turn yellow when they arrive to you. Deciduous trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers do go dormant.

This is a normal stage for plants at this time of the year. Plant upon arrival as roots continue to grow while the ground is warm. Some plants require seasonal maintenance and may have been pruned.

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