Is it Too Late To Plant?

Subject: a few quick questions

1. Is it too late to plant tulips, if there has already been frost?

2. It is too late to plant trees or is it better that they remain in their pots through winter and plant them in the ground in the spring?

3. Is fall too late to prune bush's, will this harm the plant? How about wild grasses, I would like to keep them more contained, rather than them grow wild, any tips for pruning them? ===========================


I would think it not too late for tulips as long as you plant right away.

Fall is some of the best time for planting especially potted trees or shrubs. As long as the plants are mulched in well they will continue to root out over the winter and be ready to burst forth in the spring.

Pruning most plants at this time of the year is fine. The only one you will not want to prune are some of the plants that will flower next spring. Mainly because they will set bud for flowering in the summer and fall. If you trim them before they flower you will be cutting off the buds that produce flowers in the spring.