How to Limit Outside Noises in Your Landscape

While there are so many ways that you can limit outside noises in your landscape, here are our favorite easy to accomplish ways to create quiet.

  1. Berms - Raising the level of the ground even if only slightly for perimeter landscapes or heavily to create hill like structures is a great way to drown out traffic and noisy neighbors.
  2. Wood or stone fences - To be of help in reducing noise, fences need to be 6+ feet high. If you can see over the fence, the noise will not be blocked. Wood fencing should be solid without breaks like solid stockade type.
  3. Water Features - Whether there is space for a tall waterfall, low falling water or a fountain, running water is beautiful sound distraction.
  4. Hedges - If only seasonal noise is a problem (warm season), select a tight branching shrub that grows in the 8 to 10 foot tall range such as hardy hibiscus or viburnums. For year around control, choose from lower growing evergreen trees like the emerald green or dark green arborvitae that are dense, yet more columnar shaped which can be planted closer for a smooth yet taller hedge.
  5. Buildings - Strategic placing of garages, storage sheds and other structures can reduce or even eliminate some noises completely.

Whether the noise is from traffic, businesses or neighbors, selecting one or more of the above noise reducing methods can help to limit noise traveling into your private spaces such as patio or deck areas.

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