How to Create a Beautiful Mini Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are popular because they’re fun to create and easy to maintain for people of all ages and gardening skill levels. Once completed they take on a magical personality, lending them to becoming places where people sit and let their imaginations run wild. 

Mini fairy gardens can be made in small spaces too, so they’re perfect for anyone to create their own tiny garden with any amount of space.You can make or find all of your own materials, purchase them ready to use, or have a combination of both. Fairy gardens can be made with children, with the elderly, and anyone with mobility issues too, as they can be created in containers for easy access.  

Creating a beautiful mini fairy garden is pretty simple! Here’s how we recommend creating one. Tailor these instructions to suit your own desires and tastes.The first step to creating a mini fairy garden is so sketch out what you think you want your garden to look like. Think about the scene you want to make- maybe a sleepy mini fairy cottage in a forest complete with a backyard chicken coop and run, or maybe a cave entrance where a magical creature might live. 

Once you’ve made your design, begin gathering your supplies.


  • Good quality potting soil.
  • A container. You can choose any size and shape you want.
  • Plants such as our Elfin Thyme, Corsican Mint, ice plant, hens and chicks, mosses (you can collect moss from outside), or anything that stays small. Visit our page of plants perfect for mini, tiny and fairy gardens.
  • Accessories if you wish, such as a tiny garden gnome, tiny bridge, a house, or whatever you can find or make.
  • Rocks, pebbles, or stones for paths or natural looking rock formations.
  • Small pruning tools such as a small pair of shears for pruning plants as they grow.

To make a fairy mini garden, start by filling your container with moistened potting soil. Sculpt the basic terrain if your design has hills or is in a valley, or whatever landform you wish.Next, work on filling in your mini landscape with your moss and plants, and carefully lay out your accessories as you see fit.

Place your freshly planted fairy garden in a spot that’s easy to access, but also protected from wind, heavy rain, and at first direct full day sun. As your garden becomes established, allowing it to sit in more direct sun should be fine as long as your plant choices prefer it. Many mosses do like some shade during the day, so this is important to remember.

Finally, water the garden very gently. Keep a sprayer with fresh water nearby and daily offer your fairy garden a spritz of water to keep your mosses happy. Keep your entire tiny garden watered sufficiently.

As your garden grows, prune back the small plants as they begin to colonize to keep your garden looking well-tended. Snipping off individual stems and leaves of tiny fairy garden plants can be a tricky process at first, but the task is therapeutic and actually quite entertaining.

Mini gardens and fairy gardens are lovely little magical places where imagination can run amok. Include children in creating your fairy garden if you can, and enjoy watching them delight in the wonder of a tiny gardenFairy gardens can last a long time if tended well and are a lot of fun, so enjoy!