Horticulture Resources

If you are interested in a link exchange between GreenwoodNursery.com and your website, please email us your URL. After we've reviewed your site, we'll contact you as to how we can partner together with mutual site links. Mail your information to: webmaster@greenwoodnursery.com American Conifer Society The American Heritage Dictionary defines Renaissance as "A rebirth or revival.". Conifers are enjoying a Renaissance of sorts. Now more than any other time conifers are in the limelight. Technology has had a tremendous impact on information and availability of many plants and this has affected conifers as well. Even the media is publishing more information about conifers. With all of this focus, awareness of our favorite plants is on the rise. American Association of Arboreta and Botanic Gardens The American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta is the association for North American public gardens and their professional staff. Its mission is to serve and strengthen public gardens by supporting their work, value, and achievements in horticultural display, education, research, and plant conservation. United States Department of Agriculture NatureServe NatureServe is a non-profit conservation organization that provides the scientific information and tools needed to help guide effective conservation action. NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs are the leading source for information about rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems. American Conifer Society Here is a great group of folks with a great journal! ACS members share an interest in growing a wide range of conifers...you know conifers...junipers, chamaecyparis, tsuga, thuja, torreya, cryptomeria, pinus, cephalotaxus, calocedrus, and the list goes on. If you are missing some structure or winter interest in your garden, check out the conifer folks. The American Horticultural Society (AHS) is one of the oldest national gardening organizations in the country. Since 1922, we have provided America's gardeners with the highest quality gardening and horticultural education possible. We accomplish this with the help of an impressive network of experts -- from the members of our Board of Directors, specialized Advisory Committees, National Great American Gardener Award Winners and corporate sponsors. American Hosta Society The American Hosta Society (AHS) is a society dedicated to the study and improvement of the genus Hosta and the dissemination of general and scientific knowledge about them. There are many benefits for the members that result from these efforts, both social and in nursery trade. The Cyclamen Society The Cyclamen Society exists to encourage cultivation and conservation, and to disseminate and extend knowledge of the genus Cyclamen and its species, forms and cultivars. It combines scientific study with all the activities of a society for enthusiasts who cultivate the plants. The Garden Conservancy The Garden Conservancy was founded to answer these questions, to provide the resources necessary to preserve many of America’s finest gardens, and to open the gates of these exceptional gardens to the public for education and enjoyment. The Hardy Fern Foundation The Hardy Fern Foundation was formed to seek out the many rare and unusual species as well as hybrids and varieties to be propagated from spore and tested in selected environments for their different degrees of hardiness and ornamental garden value. The Green Directory International Association For Plant Taxonomy The purpose of the Association, founded at the Seventh International Botanical Congress in Stockholm on 18 July 1950, is to carry out projects of interest and concern to systematic biologists, especially those which require or profit from international cooperation. This it has achieved with distinction for almost half a century. International Bulb Society Established in 1933, the International Bulb Society is the only international, non-profit, educational and scientific organization devoted to the dissemination of information on the growing, conservation and botany of all geophytic plants (commonly referred to as "bulbs") International Palm Society We are members worldwide growing palm trees of all varieties in a wide range of climates. We offer books, quarterly journals, online discussions, biennial group tours, and more. International Plant Propagators Society The IPPS is a select group of plant propagators now organized internationally. An original group of approximately 70 propagators met in Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.A.) in November, 1951 to form our Society which has now grown to more than 2400 individual members affiliated in one of eight regional organizations. North American Rock Garden Society NARGS is for gardening enthusiasts interested in alpine, saxatile, and low-growing perennials. It encourages the study and cultivation of wildflowers that grow well among rocks, whether such plants originate above treeline or at lower elevations. Through its publications, meetings, and garden visits, NARGS provides extensive opportunities for both beginners and experts to expand their knowledge of plant cultivation and propagation, and of construction, maintenance, and design of special interest gardens. Royal Horticulture Society Established in 1804, the Royal Horticultural Society is now the UK's leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening. Southeast Palm and Exotic Plant Society The Southeastern Palm Society is the southeastern United States (north-of-Florida) chapter of the International Palm Society. SPS members are devoted and enthusiastic growers of hardy palms and other subtropical plants. We enjoy sharing our experiences through our quarterly journal, Southeastern Palms, and at our quarterly meetings.