Horse Manure Tea

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Finally...the clean, easy and organic way to fertilize your plants and condition your soil with horse manure. Place one of our Horse Manure Tea bags in a 1 to 5 gallon container of water. Cover and steep for 1 to 3 days. The longer it steeps (closer to 3 days) will produce a deep rich tea color. Store your Horse Manure Tea in smaller containers such as cleaned milk jugs or other large enclosures. Be sure to label "For Gardening Purpose Only" and store in a dark area such as garage, garden shed or basement out of the way so it isn't mistaken by anyone for drinking tea.

Water plants thoroughly with your freshly made Horse Manure Tea and continue watering with it at least 4 times throughout the growing season for healthy, thriving plants. Your tea will condition and soften the soil, help plants absorb more nutrients as well as providing those nutrients without worrying about over fertilizing. 

Use your Horse Manure Tea to water container plants, vegetable plants, shrubs and, even, lawns. Pour in a spray bottle and use on your house plants, too!

Does Horse Manure Tea smell bad? No, our manure tea is from aged manure that has been specially composted and does not smell like raw manure. The manure teas have a slight earthy smell.

Is Manure Tea safe to use? Yes. As the teas are made from aged manure, it does not burn plants.  

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Order Horse Manure Tea in our 3 pack units.

Gift Pack includes 1 each: Horse Manure Tea, Cow Manure Tea and Alfalfa Tea