Heucherella Plum Cascade

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The colors purple and silver always have a way of dragging your eyes towards it. That is what the Plum Cascade heucherella is all about. A dense mass of purple foliage that will bring color and pomp anywhere you decide to plant it when you buy the plant.

The Plum Cascade, which is perennial in nature, grows best in well-drained soils which as a practice, should have rich organic matter. In addition, the area should have medium amounts of water.

With conditions at optimum, the plant grows to medium size. It works wonders in adding color to your garden since it is more of a trailing plant than a cut and stock vertical plant.

Heucherella Care

Care for this plant starts right out from the planting. While planting, you should ensure that you water the soil before plunging the plant into it. In addition, the use of mulch around its base area is very important. Be careful to not bury the crowns when planting.

While the heucherella certainly needs a little care here and there, one thing about it is the fact that it is decidedly low maintenance. After the planting, you only need a little pruning to remove the dead leaves during the growing season. Also add fertilizer on a yearly basis early in spring. Even for a beginner, all this is easy work since the plant is hardy on its own.

Between the months of May and October, the cascading heucherella comes to bloom. This is arguably the time when the plant is the most awe-inspiring. The tiny purple leaves bloom in their numbers and the leaves are suddenly submerged in this burst of color. The blend between silver and purple is always a beautiful sight to behold, be it in the garden or the flower pot.

The purple heucherella is great for the garden. It also works well for the container, or in a mass planting.

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Plum Cascade Heucherella are grown in one gallon containers (trade size). Orders shipping to west coast addresses may be partially bare rooted for shipping.
Limited inventory for spring 2021.

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