Helpful Tips to Control Deer Damage and Deer Resistant Plants.

Helpful tips to control deer damage and deer resistant plants. When deer are hungry and their food supply is gone, deer will eat anything. Plants known as being deer resistant is a good step in controlling deer damage in the yard. Deer will not find them as tasty and will eat off other perennials  and shrubs before attacking these varieties.

In order to get the deer damage under control, it is a must to properly select deer resistant plants. Deer repellents are also a great thing to have and it should be used regularly to have best results. Area repellent emits foul odor that is good in keeping deer away, however it will also keep people away. It is also advisable to use contact repellents. There are so many contact repellents out in the market today that are also environmentally safe and biodegradable that can be used around pets and children. Properly choosing the right contact repellents which will adhere to plants structure, rain resistant and will last for a month is a must.

Greenwood Nursery is one of the most dedicated companies in providing deer tolerant plants and tips in order to have the best garden and landscape unlike any other. One of their helpful tips to prevent deer in eating plants is to create deer fence.

Deer fencing is now available in all sizes, shapes and prices.  One of the most common types is the mesh type. This type of deer fence is more flexible and it can also be attached in nearby posts and trees. More often, 6 to 7 foot in height is frequently used for deer fencing. Tree shelters are also called as deer guards and they are proven effective in keeping deer away. Everyone can also take advantage of homemade deer repellent remedies.

There are so many steps that should be considered in controlling deer in the landscape or garden. The first step is properly selecting plants that deer leave alone that are appropriate in the garden and landscape. Greenwood Nursery offers the best deer resistant plants that will suit in anyone’s garden.

deer in the yard