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Green Tek Total

Green Tek Total
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Green Tek Total is the complete way to nourish your garden without the use of chemicals. Naturally healthy gardens, landscapes and lawns, don't just happen. Green TEK Total is the answer.

Green Tek Total is our top selling liquid is an all-inclusive nontoxic fertilizer that contains biological components with high energy values to reduce nitrogen & phosphate inputs. Green Tek Total is a homogenized blend of fermented organic nutraceuticals, botanicals, soil bacteria, fungi and proprietary ingredients.

The fertilizing solution to agriculture, commercial and residential growing applications. Our proprietary fermented formula is proven to be efficacious and a preferred grower’s treatment for three decades.

Green Tek Total provides a complete plant nutrient system that satisfies many crop, garden, and turf requirements, as well as, a green solution that uniquely strengthens resistance, increases yield and amplifies plant or crop vibrancy.

The delivery of liquid fertilizers such as Green Tek Total enhances green applications with the adjunct of sprayers, fertigation, surface treatments, and irrigation.


Apply to gardens, soil and turf, potted plants, fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs and foliage.


Green Tek Total may be applied every 6-8 weeks depending on soil fertility. Follow directions on label. GreenTek Total™ may be used in any appropriate spray applicator as well as in fertigation systems.

For Turf - One gallon will treat up to 32,000 sq. ft. of lawn for one application.

Healthy soil is one of the most important aspects of organic-based landscaping and lawn care. For the past few decades, agribusinesses and lawn-care companies alike have emphasized the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can do great damage to the soil. Chemical fertilizers, aside from being toxic, are short-term plant boosters that leave behind salty residues in the soil. They prevent some plants from consuming necessary nutrients, and destroy beneficial microorganisms.

In recent years, though, many people have been turning to better, Earth-friendly techniques that restore the natural power of soil.

An ALL-INCLUSIVE organic plant energy composition,compounded, fermented and biologically activated for plant yield, health and energy

ORGANIC INPUTS: Stabilized and oxgenated carbohydrates, raw sugar cane molasses, humates, kelp, processed fish concentrates, calcium, naturally occurring soil biological cultures, enzymes, chelated minerals, fulvic and amino acids and naturally occurring soil bacteria and fungi.

DIRECTIONS: Garden: Broadcast 4-6 oz of Total™ mixed with 1 gal of water applied on 100 sq. ft. before or soon after planting – till or water in. In row, apply 4-6 oz of Total™ mixed with 1 gal of water, apply every linear 50 ft. Potted plants: Incorporate or apply on grow media using 2-3 oz per gal of water. Soil/Turf: Apply 4-6 oz of Total™ with 2 gal water per 1000 sq. ft. Foliage: Apply 2-3 oz of Total™ with each 1 gal of water, spray apply until foliage is slightly damp. Applications may be applied every 6-8 weeks depending on soil fertility for desired result. *Shake well before using. May be used in fertigation systems. STORAGE: Store indoors out of direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. Total™, a plant energy and soilopathic, is not to be considered conventional fertilizer or pesticide. Total™ is a proprietary fermented composition. No limit on re-entry time.

Green Tek Total comes in a one gallon container.