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Green Tek Soil Conditioner

Green Tek Soil Conditioner
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Green Tek Soil Conditioner works naturally to help compacted soil to drain better. At Greenwood, we receive questions from customers who are distressed and discouraged by the standing water on their lawn. And, they turn to us to see what can be done. We recommend Green Tek Soil Conditioner to help with their compacted soil.

We've shown them how to build French drains, build dry creek beds and what plants to plant around the beds to make them attractive and part of the landscape. All of which are time consuming, expensive, and back breaking work.

But now we believe there is a better – and simpler – solution! Read on...

If you have ever had water standing on your lawn for any length of time you know what it does to your grass. You also know that you have compacted soil. In new home construction this is a common problem. When your new lot is ready to have your home constructed all the top soil has been pushed off and heavy equipment brought in to construct your new home. When the grounds people add that finishing touch, they spread a layer of top soil over the compacted soil and either sow grass seed or lay down the sod.

Now there is an organic product called Green Tek Soil Conditioner.

This remarkable product:

  • Increases the downward movement of water to and through the root area, making both water and oxygen more available to plants.
  • Increases drainage
  • Improves root growth by reducing compaction
  • Reduces erosion
  • Makes the soil easier to work with
  • Lessens wear on equipment
  • Creates more mellow and looser soil.

One quart will treat up to 5 acres.