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Green Tek Eco Plus

Green Tek Eco Plus
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Green Tek ECO Plus is the single best product that you can use to keep your plants and lawn the healthiest that they can be, and, best of all, it’s totally organic.

The main functions of Green Tek ECO Plus are that it acts as a fungicide, dramatically increases the water holding capacity of the soil resulting in less watering and fights disease and virus by naturally building the immune system of the plant. The active ingredient in it is derived from crustaceans and it is the same material that the plant makes to improve its own immune system. It is also a great chelator and will make nutrients that may be tied up in the soil more available so it actually helps detoxify the soil. 

10 Functions of Green Tek ECO Plus:

  1. Loosens and dramatically increases the water holding structure of the soil.
  2. Flying insects and soybean rust deplore it.
  3. Nematodes and soil born insects despise it.
  4. Roots of all plants increase in mass and depth.
  5. The greatest chelator delivery system.
  6. Helps detoxify chemical applied products and fertilizers.
  7. Will increase efficiency of other liquid products.
  8. Greener turf and foliage.
  9. Higher quality profitable agricultural yields.
  10. Natural occurring and organic.

For turf and plants as a foliar feed: 1 quart per acre every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

Green Tek Eco Plus is available in a one quart size container.