Gardens in the Movies

My all time favorite movie house and landscape isn't even real. Movie magic! I just adore Kate Winslet's little English cottage in The Holiday. Though the movie takes place during the Christmas holiday, I can imagine the front garden entrance in summer filled with every rose possible, mock orange and lavender. Want to see how this non-existent adorable house and landscape was created? Iris's English cottage.


Running a close second is  Karen Blixen's plantation home from Out of Africa. The original house was not available so a replica was built to accommodate filiming. Karen's home still stands today in the town, named for her, Karen, Kenya. My favorite part of this garden is the long covered porch. It just beckons you to come, sit, visit. 


Message in a Bottle was being filmed at the same time we were on vacation in Maine (some years ago). Coastal landscapes there are sime and pretty. We were staying in Christmas Cove and they were filming in the New Harbor area. You know how cold the weather looks in the movie, was around the July 4th holiday, rainy and mostly in the 70's. Actually, a great vacation!


Garden ideas are everywhere - even in the movies. If you have a favorite movie house and landscape, visit the blog, "Hooked on Houses" to find out if your movie garden is real or not.