Gardening Tips for Winter Garden Maintenance

Perform these winter maintenance tips to protect your garden and landscape this year.

  • Store empty pots to prevent cracking

  • Take candles, glass containers or hurricanes inside

  • Containers with plants that will remain outdoors should be wrapped with bubble wrap, foam wrapping or burlap to prevent freeze damage

  • Water the garden and container plants every few weeks if no rain or snowfall (do not water if ground is frozen)

  • Apply a few handfuls of mulch or aged compost around delicate plants

  • Check the antifreeze level in your vehicles

  • Don't forget your outside pets - make sure that they have a protected place to sleep during cold winter nights

  • Many trees and shrubs can be pruned in mid to late winter. Rule of thumb: don't prune back more than one third at this time.

  • Don't prune early to mid spring flowering plants such as forsythia or flowering cherry trees in fall or winter. Otherwise, you'll be pruning off the growth that will bloom.

For more on wrapping or sheltering plants for winter, this article from Fine Gardening Magazine will guide you through how to protect shrubs and trees through the cold winter months: Preparing Plants for Winter

Winterize your home with these home maintenance tips from State Farm Insurance.

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