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Low Hedges And Garden Dividers

Russian Sage 'Little Spire'

Wood perennial! Aromatic foliage! Blooms early summer to fall!

Potted Plants - From $8.59

Zagreb Coreopsis

Low growing! Native Wildflower! Pet friendly plant!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Shasta Daisy Becky

A Greenwood Favorite Perennial! Easy to Grow! Long blooming! 

2 Sizes - From $7.59

Achillea Sassy Summer Lemon

Bright yellow yarrow flowers in summer! Deadhead for continued blooming to fall!

Potted Plants - From $9.59

Liatris spicata Kobold

Native Garden Plant! Lavender Pink Flower Wands! Matures in the 2 foot height range!

Potted Plants - From $8.59

Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding Heart

Shade loving plant! Deer resistant! Old fashioned plant!

Container Grown - From $17.59

Gaillardia Mesa Red

Drought tolerant perennial! Colors stay strong throughout blooming!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Rudbeckia Autumn Colors

Array of golden to orange colors! Blooms spring to fall! 

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Pardon My Pink Monarda

Small and compact for sunny nooks and crannies! Hot pink flowers for the summer! Deer resistant!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Salvia May Night

Compact growth! Reblooming purple flowers spikes! Deer resistant! Long blooming!

2 Sizes - From $8.59

Daisy May Shasta Daisy

Strong bloomer over dark green foliage! Blooms mid spring to fall!

Container Grown - From $17.59

Oregano Hot and Spicy

Excellent for Mexican dishes! Spicy peppery flavor!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Berggarten Sage

Evergreen Perennial Herb! Deer resistant! Dry leaves and store for recipes!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Walkers Low Nepeta Catmint

Low maintenance! Easy to Grow! Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Iberis Snowsation Candytuft

White blooms mid to late spring to early summer! Compact evergreen plant!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Arp Rosemary

One of most fragrant of all herbs! Zones 6 to 9! Grows 2 to 3 feet tall!

2 Sizes - From $7.59

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress

Low Growing Evergreen Shrub! Deer Resistant! Great Winter Color!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Little Dipper Cotoneaster

Dwarf spreading shrub or ground cover! Striking with small red berries in fall to winter!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Karl Rosenfield Double Peony

Double fuchsia red Flowers during mid to late season! Long Blooming!

Container Grown - From $24.95

Buddleia davidii Buzz™ Midnight

Enjoy the rich purple blooms and their fragrance every evening! Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees!

Container Grown - From $22.59

Miss Molly Buddleia

Deep Pink to Red Blossoms from summer to frost! Grows 4 to 5 feet tall! Deer Resistant!

One Gallon Container Grown - From $36.59

Blue Chip Jr. Butterfly Bush

Small Growing Butterfly Bush! Produces little to no seeds!

One Gallon Container Grown - From $36.59

Lil Kim Rose of Sharon Hibiscus

Bright white blooms with deep red eyes cover this dwarf rose of sharon shrub! Grows 3 to 4 feet tall!

Container Grown - From $19.59

Lil Kim Red Rose of Sharon

Dwarf Rose of Sharon Shrub with fuchsia red flowers in summer! Grows 3 to 4 feet tall!

Container Grown - From $19.59