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Fairy Gardens Plants

Christmas Fern

An evergreen fern with dark, leathery leaves. This native fern grows up to 3 feet tall in zones 3 to 8. Full to part shade. Larger potted plants also avialable.

Bare Root Tubers (5 per pkg) from $15.59

Maidenhair Fern

Delicate lacy fern that grows up to 3 feet tall. For zones 3 to 8. Slow spreading and not invasive. Companion plants are hostas, astilbe and bleeding hearts. Larger container grown plants also available.

Bare Root Tubers (5 per pkg) from $15.59

Regal Red Painted Fern

Brighter version of the Japanese Painted Fern. Grows up to 2 feet tall in zones 4 to 9. Part to full shade. Companion plants for coral bells, lenten rose and dicentra.

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Arborvitae Ferns

Low growing semi-evergreen ground cover type fern for zones 6 to 9. Foliage resembles cedar trees. Arborvitae ferns grow up to 12 inches tall in partial to full shade. Space approximately 2 feet apart.

3.5 Inch Potted Plants from $8.59

Acorus Ogon Grass

Acorus Ogon Grass is a neat looking sweet flag ornamental grass whose bright gold foliage accented with green stripes shimmers in the afternoon sun.

From $7.59

Iberis Purity Candytuft

The evergreen foliage of the Iberis sempervirens Purity Candytuft is what will draw you in to planting this garden plant along the edges of yo

Anna's Magic Ball

Anna's Magic Ball Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis is a dwarf evergreen mounded shrub garden plant. Separate your garden areas with this low growing evergreen shrub

From $21.59

Blue Chip Jr. Butterfly

This popular Butterfly bush with its petite size is perfect for mass planting, perennial gardens, and mixed borders as it’s a stand out that produces highly fragrant and rich-with-nectar flowers

From $36.59

Celtic Pride Cypress

This Siberian Cypress Microbiota decussata is a low evergreen shrub with wonderful winter color. The green foliage of this cypress turns to more of a russet color in winter. 

From $21.59

Brass Buckle Ilex | Dwarf

a dwarf Japanese holly plant with a beautiful evergreen foliage and an excellent boxwood alternative shrub. Perfect for edging walks or bordering any area in your yard or garden.

From $21.59


Elfin Thyme

Elfin Thyme or Thymus serpyllum is a creeping aromatic semi-evergreen thyme that forms a dense mat. Ideal to plant between bricks or paving stones.

From $7.59

Angelina Sedum Stonecrop

Plant Sedum Angelina in hanging baskets and patio containers. This creeping sedum is a strong grower and drought resistant. It is one of the more popular sedum plants for its fast growth.

From $6.59

Mahogany Ajuga

Producing lovely blue flowers from late spring through early summer, the Mahogany Bugleweed Ajuga provides a beautiful contrast to most shrubs and perennials.

From $5.29

Wedding Ring Boxwood

The Wedding Ring Boxwood Shrub an interesting small growing evergreen for bordering small gardens or defining landscaped areas.

From $19.59

Jazz Hands Dwarf Pink Loropetalum

Jazz Hands® Loropetalum is a perfect small flowering shrub. This evergreen red to purple foliage is also heat tolerant. Add interest to foundation plantings

From $32.59

Pink Micro Chip Butterfly Bush

The Pink Micro Chip Buddleia will take your garden throughout the summer months with big bursts of orchid pink blooms attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and bees to your gardening sanctuary

From $36.59

SuperTrouper™ Orange Dianthus

Dianthus Super Trouper Orange -

Dwarf Blue Crested Iris

Blue Dwarf Crested Iris - Native Woodland Plants - 

Tennessee White Crested Iris

Iris Cristata ‘Tennessee White’ - Native Woodland Plants - 

Helleborus Anna's Red

Anna's Red Helleborus is a newer Lenten Rose that is sure to become a regular in your woodland gardens.

Dianthus Fire Star

Dianthus Fire Star

Dianthus Frosty Fire

Dianthus Frosty Fire

Dianthus Early Bird Frosty

Dianthus Early Bird Frosty

Laurentia Blue Star Creeper

Laurentia Blue Star Creeper -