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Arizona Tree Seedling Program

Nanking Cherry

The fruit of the Prunus tomentosa is commonly used in pies and jellies and is a good choice for wildlife plantings and windbreaks

As low as $3.72 per plant

Vinca minor Ground Cover

A Greenwood BEST SELLER - Vinca, common name periwinkle, is one of the faster growing ground cover plants for covering large areas

as low $16.29 per package of 50 plants.

Fragrant Honeysuckle

This beautiful flowering shrub is one of the most fragrant flowering bushes blooming in late winter to early spring. Shrub form and not invasive


Yucca Color Guard

variegated Adam's Needle is a slow grower that will reach 3 to 5 feet at maturity with a 2 to 3 foot spread. One of Greenwood's favorite garden evergreen plants.

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Variegated Weigela

Plant the Variegated Weigela Shrubsweigela florida, in your landscape for beautifully contrasting colors that makes a gorgeous low growing hedge with just enough height to separate areas without limiting the view.

As low as $3.52 per plant

MockOrange Bushes

Mock orange Shrubs are an old fashion white flowering shrub and a favorite for flowering hedges. Imagine the entrance of your home lined with a mock orange hedge of cascading, fragrant white flowers

As low as $3.72 per plant

California Privet Shrubs

California Privet Shrubs are fast growing semi-evergreen shrubs that are commonly used for shrub hedges and privacy hedges.

As low as $4.32 per plant

Northern Privet

Ibolium Privet is an excellent choice as a Northern Privet hedge shrub, whether you're searching for shrubs to create a formal hedge or informal free formed hedge, screen or shrub border.

As low as $3.92 per plant

Willow Nishiki Shrub

It is a fast growing shrub that can be planted for plant hedges, privacy screens, windbreaks, or to line a road or driveway. A very showey plant for your landscape

From $7.59

Russian Olive Shrubs

Russian Olive Bushes are extremely tolerant of environmental factors. The best windbreak plant for high wind areas

As low as $4.32 per plant

Caragana Peashrub

Caragana Siberian Peashrub Flowering Shrubs is a native deciduous shrub that provides a dense windbreak cover or screen where growing conditions are otherwise difficult.

As ;pw as $3.72 per plant

Nanho Blue Butterfly

Buddleia Nanho Blue Butterfly Bushes attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with their unusual dark blue to purple blooms.

From $8.59


Blushing Bride

Blusing Bride Rose of Sharon unfolds with large double pink flowers that start in mid summer onto frost when very few of other pink flowering shrubs are in bloom

From $9.59

English Ivy

product not available at this time

Blue Arctic Willows

Fast growing shrub, the Blue Arctic Willow matures in approximately 10 feet tall and as wide in spread. Rapid growing used as a screening plant to hide unsightly areas

From $9.29

Flame Willow

The Flame Willow is certain to add fall and winter interest to normal to wet soil open areas. Beginning in summer on through winter, you'll enjoy colorful orange-red bark.

From $9.29

Dwarf Burning Bushes

Burning Bush Shrubs are known for their brilliant red fall foliage. Corky ridges on flat, horizontal branches make this an interesting plant in winter.

As low as $3.72 per plant

Patriot Rose of Sharon

Show your red, white and blue flowering colors with Patriot Rose of Sharon Bushes. One of Greenwood's favorite flowering shrubs, this one is a combination of red, white and blue Althea shrubs grown together to form a beautiful flowering shrub.

As low as $8.59 per plant

Old Fashion Lilac Shrubs

This Lilac flowering shrub is perhaps the most popular of all lilac shrubs due to its rich color ranging from purplish red to lavender and purple shades.

As low as $3.52 per plant


Golden Forsythia Bushes

Lynwood Gold Forsythia Shrubs produces bright yellow flowers that add bursts of golden color to late winter or early spring landscapes

As low as $3.52 per plant

Rugosa Rose Red Bushes

The Rugosa Rose Red Shrubs hedge shrub roses are wonderfully fragrant blossoms that repeat throughout summer on this selection of the Rosa rugosa species.

As low as $3.72 per plant

Pink Tatarian Honeysuckle

Tartarian Pink Honeysuckle delights your senses in late spring to early summer with its tiny pink flowers which turn into red berries  for feeding wildlife over winter.

As low as $3.72 per plant

Bicolor Butterfly Bushes

Buddleia Bicolor Butterfly Bush is an amazing flowering shrub to have in your butterfly garden. It's extremely fragrant and will attract tons of butterflies to your perennial border or patio garden area.

As low as $7.59 per plant

Happy Face Potentilla

product not available at this time